Precision Internal Grinding Machine (Roller Adjustment Type) (BMJ-ID-32-MA)

ID Clamping Range: 3-45mm
Max. Clamped Workpiece Length: 70mm
X-axis Travel: 40mm
Z-axis Travel: 70mm
Min. Feeding Unit: 0.005mm
Workhead Speed: 0-360rpm
Swivel Angle: 0-5°
Front to Back: Manual
Left to Right: Manual
Spindle Speed: 0-55000rpm
Workhead Motor: 25W
Spindle Motor: 1 HP
Working Range: 1-32mm
Net Weight: 210kgs
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H) : 960*840*1450mm

Optional Accessories:
1.   Coolant System
2.   Diamond Wheel
3.   ±45°Swivel Angle
4.   Optical Meter
5.   Angle Dresser
6.   Extension Support

Standard Accessories:
1.   3MM Collet*1pc
2.   6MM Collet *1pc
3.   Nut(14*P0.75) *1pc
4.   Tool Box and Accessories*1set